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Welcome to Matthew Romantini’s Sadhana Therapeutics, the in-house Yoga Therapy Program at Moksha Yoga Uptown. Here are 6 frequently asked questions about what I do:


1. What is yoga therapy?
It’s a kind of yoga that looks and feels different from the regular yoga you might be used to.


Yoga Therapy is a movement style aimed at helping you live in a more functional, effective, and strain-free way, unique to your goals. I use the principles of yoga to help you get stronger, and build more stamina, flexibility, and balance, whether your goal has to do with yoga, or not.


2. How is yoga therapy different from regular yoga?
I base your yoga program on you, rather than on the rules of a particular style.


I start by assessing movement and posture, and from there, we start with what’s actually effective for you. For example, if you find a particular movement difficult to do, I can help you find out what is already working well, and what needs help. From there, we can work on the component parts that need more help, while nurturing what’s already doing a good job. I will help you move toward your goals, but along a pathway that is completely customized to you and your particular strengths and challenges. That kind of truly individualized personal attention is difficult to come by in the yoga and fitness worlds.

3. I am already strong. Is yoga therapy easy (read: lame)?
Ummmmm…. no.


It is simple, but not easy. And it’ll help you get even stronger. And if you want to know whether you’re going to work hard, the answer is yes. Of course, it depends on what you need in the moment, but if you’re someone who needs to work hard to feel like you’re accomplishing something, don’t worry, yoga therapy as I practice it can definitely make you sweat!


4. I am injured or in a lot of pain. Is yoga therapy hard (read: damaging)?
Ummmmm… no.


It is simple, and not easy. Because one of my strengths is seeing where people are at, I’m not going to give you any challenges that are over your level of stamina or function. One of my philosophies as a therapist is that all of my information is coming from who is in front of me. Yes I have skills and tools to help you, but if I sacrifice your well being to a tool I know “should” work, then I’m not really helping you very effectively.


5. I already do yoga, do I need yoga therapy?
I believe it can help you, yes.


Another thing I have found through practicing this way myself, is that as soon as I grasp something I’ve been working on, it opens up a new world of additional possibilities. My ability to handle more complexity means that I advance in my practice and can work on progressing even more with each step I take. There is always more refinement to do, or said another way “the better you get, the better you’d better get.” Yoga therapy is a great way to advance your practice, because it puts the awareness, and therefore the power, into your hands.


6. I don’t do yoga, can I do yoga therapy?


I’ll tell you a little secret: most of my clients are not people who go to regular yoga classes. Your goals may have absolutely nothing to do with yoga at all, and I can still help you move toward them. Some of my clients are stressed at work and want help managing that. Others are rehabilitating from injury or surgery or chronic pain, others are elite athletes who want to improve their game. As a yoga therapist, I look at the whole person, their physical, mental and emotional state, their goals and their strengths and challenges and current level of awareness. If yoga doesn’t make your heart sing, then I am not going to try to make you like yoga, I’m going to work with you on what you love!


Services I offer:
  • Private Sessions
  • Semi-Private Sessions (2-3 people)
  • Remote sessions (via Skype or FaceTime)
  • Customised Group classes
  • 6-week courses
  • Online recordings/CDs/DVDs
  • Yoga Therapy Props
  • Workshops and Retreats
Private Session Rates:
  • 1 session: $105
  • 3 sessions: $285
  • 5 sessions: $450
  • 10 sessions: $850
Please inquire for rates for ongoing private sessions, semi-private sessions (numbered and ongoing), and all other services.


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