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Hustle & Flow: Flow Yoga to Hip Hop Music

Join Uptown studio manager and teacher Sarah Dee in an all-levels heated flow class to your favourite hip hop tracks. From Run DMC to Jay-Z, LL Cool J to NWA, and everything in between, playlists will span decades and styles, with a focus on specific artists, MCs, and themes each month (for example: ‘Biggie VS… More details

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Moksha Uptown in Costa Rica

Join Lisa, Felicia, Carmelinda & Stephanie on a 7 day getaway to Blue Spirit Retreat Center! A week of sun, surf, yoga & sweetness: April 14-21, 2018 Vinyasa, Moksha, Yin, Meditation, Restorative   Starting at $1600 USD including meals, accomodation, 2 yoga classes a day, workshops & taxes CONTACT: or for more info… More details


Mom + Baby Yoga 6-week Pre-Registered Series

A 6-week pre-registered series for new parents of pre-crawling babies. Postnatal Yoga aids in regaining strength, stamina, and energy after pregnancy. Get rejuvenated, strengthen, realign, and ease pain in the body held from breast feeding and carrying your baby. The class focuses on rebuilding power in the belly, a strong back, and pelvic muscles. It… More details


Therapeutic Yoga Workshops: Reflex Integration

This installment of the therapeutic yoga workshop series dives into the fascinating world of primitive reflex integration. Subconsciously embedded in our nervous system are basic movement patterns that are meant to integrate and go dormant by our 4th birthday. They provide the basis for more sophisticated movement and coordination, yet most of us have not… More details

Prenatal at MYU - Apr_May 2018

Prenatal Yoga 6-week Pre-Registered Series

This 6-week series is designed for new or experienced students at any point in their pregnancy to: – Connect to your growing baby and nurture your changing body – Build community with other parents-to-be in the area – Relieve tension and develop tone and strength through a dynamic sequence of postures – Learn relaxation and… More details

Spring Reiki Restorative

Reiki Restorative w/ Michelle & Amy

Experience the healing benefits of Reiki Energy while being guided through restorative shapes. Props are used to support your body to relax deeply so that you can begin to let go of deeply held stresses and tensions in your body and mind. While in the postures you will receive Reiki, a form of energy healing… More details

108 Yoga Mala

Yoga Mala: 108 Sun Salutations

Usher in the Spring Solstice. Challenge your body and mind. Move to some bumpin’ tunes. Join Nancy Silverman in this sacred and traditional practice as you move through 108 sun salutations! The number 108 has symbolic significance in yogic tradition, and is often used in meditation — particularly around times of beginning, like the Spring… More details


Therapeutic Yoga Workshops: Optimizing Shoulders and Neck

The series of monthly therapeutic yoga workshops continues. In this installment, address your challenges in the shoulders, upper back and neck, including anything from pain to strain to tightness to weakness to building more awareness in the area. A well-functioning shoulder girdle helps with stress relief, breathing, and is essential to develop long-lasting and sustainable… More details


The Beauty of Repetition

If you’ve been to a few classes at our studio, you’ve probably figured out that Moksha Yoga is more than just our name – it’s a set sequence of yoga poses, taught mostly the same way each time, depending on the teacher and the class. People often ask us why we always practice the same sequence of… More details