Susan Gillis

Susan developed a regular yoga practice in 2009 after finishing University in the eastern townships of Quebec and moving back home to Halifax, where she began working at the local studio. In January 2011, her love of yoga and travel brought her to beautiful Itacare, Brazil, where she completed her Moksha yoga teacher training, followed by the first Moksha flow training in Halifax later that year. She developed her teaching through the support of the amazing Moksha Halifax teachers and community, and has brought her teaching to many Moksha studios across the country. Susan is a strong believer that anyone and everyone can benefit from yoga. She is a huge fan of slowing down, noticing the breath and paying attention to wisdom of our bodies. She is grateful for Ted, Jess, Dina T and all the many teachers in her life. She loves to travel, be in nature (especially by the ocean) and listen to good music.

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you” Lao Tzu