Jael Small

Jaël Marques de Souza

Jaël found yoga while studying psychology in Montréal. Initiated to the practice through Ashtanga, she was soon introduced to Moksha and immediately loved the combination of physical challenge, insight and feeling of peace it led her to experience.

Jaël’s eventual transition from student to practicing lawyer led her to experiment with new styles of yoga and other physical practices to complement her life off the mat. While Vinyasa has long been a staple of her yoga practice, Jaël’s love of yoga keeps growing as she learns to draw upon different teachings, including the startlingly powerful practice of Yin.

Yoga allows us to experience first-hand that many of the ills we consider to be individual— negative stress, depression, anxiety, unhelpful manifestations of conflict— in reality arise and affect us at a communal level. Yoga helps us reconnect to our common wisdom so we can better navigate our way through a world where our focus is most often external. More wisdom can translate to investing less time in conflict that is caused by a lack of understanding. This gives us more time and energy to spend doing what brings us joy.

Jaël’s continued experience of the professional realm informs her teachings of the effects of intellectual endeavours (and all of the sitting they can entail!) on the mental and physical body. Yoga practiced well can have an incredible impact on our brains and our bodies: an overall win for all who partake.