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Radiant Heart: Healthy and Profound Back Bends Workshop

Heart opening, fun, intelligent and invigorating- this workshop will explore several back bending asanas with optimal form and safety in mind. We will dissect the anatomy of back bending and the different muscle systems involved (like the psoas system) and how they can help or hinder our back bends. Expect to learn and play with… More details

Prenatal at MYU - August 2017

Prenatal Series

This 5 week series is designed for new or experienced students at any point in their pregnancy to: ~ Connect to your growing baby and nurture your changing body ~ Build community with other parents-to-be in the area ~ Relieve tension and develop tone and strength through a dynamic sequence of postures ~ Learn relaxation… More details


The Beauty of Repetition

If you’ve been to a few classes at our studio, you’ve probably figured out that Moksha Yoga is more than just our name – it’s a set sequence of yoga poses, taught mostly the same way each time, depending on the teacher and the class. People often ask us why we always practice the same sequence of… More details